How To Build A Relationship With 1000s Online . . .

 How To Build A Relationship With 1000s Of People Who Want To Do What You Do Using The Internet

I am going to speak in terms that anyone can understand. I am going to show you exactly how to get your network marketing business growing in the right direction starting today. This is sprung from a recent experience that I have had in helping my team grow and will most likely prove something very shocking to you. But let’s leave the suspense until the end.

Here are the basics to developing widespread relationships using the power of the internet. At the basic level you will need to build a list of subscribers or a newsletter.

What this means is you need to have some sort of a lead capture page to direct traffic to. Now I get asked all the time . . . “What do I put on my lead capture page to get people to want to opt in?”

You need a HOOK and that’s it.

If you’re a network marketer and you want to develop a relationship with other network marketers then you create a lead capture page with a headline that is interesting to network marketers.

For example . . . You can offer a valuable free report in exchange for their opt-in to your list. “How To Grow A Network Marketing Business Using The Power Of The Internet”

This is simple, but, I guarantee you that if you put that on a lead capture page with an opt-in box for people to get more information a certain percentage will opt in. I use this example just to illustrate that your lead capture page doesn’t have to written by the most expensive copywriter in town.

All you need to do is speak to the needs of the people you are trying to attract and give them a reason to want to learn more about the solution you have. I’ve filled out thousands of lead capture page, just out of curiosity and I guarantee that there are millions more out there like me. So keep it simple.

Next on this . . . I frequently get asked how do I get traffic to my lead capture page? Google ad-words, solo ads, Facebook campaigns, are a few…. Start a campaign with a couple thousand words in your niche. Set a price per click that you are comfortable with and then let it run.

Of course your response will most likely not be what you expect at the beginning so just add or remove keywords that are not working until you have something that fits your need. This will give you a huge leverage. Once you get these two steps figured out you will have a passive lead generation machine on your hands. Meaning . . . You don’t put any further physical work into the effort and leads will continue to be generated at a consistent pace as long as you don’t change anything. This is important.

Why? You don’t want to be spending your time trying to get leads. You want to spend your time developing a relationship with your leads.

How? Again . . . Simple, just email them something every day from your personal perspective about your niche. Do this consistently. Consistency leads to trust and a feeling of comfort.

Over time your leads will start contacting you in their chosen way. Oh, one thing. YES, people are going to complain about you emailing them all the time. So what? Remove them from your list and continue to speak to the people that value what you send.

Follow this plan, trust in it, and you will see results.

Ok, remember I had something to tell you about a recent experience I had about helping my team grow? Well . . . I’ve been applying this method to my team’s co-op marketing campaigns recently and I tend to send the same emails that I send here to the co-op list. The only difference is I push our business to that list.

Guess what? The click through rates are roughly the same regardless of the recommendation! This surprised me. Why? Because it means that the basis of the response is the relationship and NOT the ad.

What does this mean? It’s highly duplicatable as long as you follow the plan listed above. Take some time to think about that. For some great training, and a simple way to use a highly trafficked blog site to get leads go here….

To your great success,

Catherine Allen

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What does this mean? It’s highly duplicatable as long as you follow the plan listed above. Take some time to think about                                                       that. For some great training, and a simple way to use a highly trafficked blog site to get leads go here….

To your great success,

Catherine Allen

 P.S. Check out this free weekly training I offer:


Hula Hoops and Go Go Boots

Old SchoolHula Hoops and Go Go Boots

 Remember when direct marketing meant sending out a mailer, putting an ad in the newspaper, or even handing out flyers at the mall? Last century………as were hula hoops and go go boots, which I bet more than half of you reading this, have never seen 🙂 

In the microwave age of Internet land, everyone is heading online for marketing, wanting faster, cheaper, better. While copywriting is still integral to both old school and new marketing, there is a lot that technology provides. Results can be faster, more eyeballs seeing it, more money being made, a worldwide market accessed instantaneously. Finally LEADS omg!  Because there is so much push button wonderfulness available to us, many marketers are disheartened at their initial attempts. Especially after seeing others succeed so famously, apparently overnight.

Even people who have had previous success in business and marketing can get frustrated with the learning curve. If it’s too frustrating, outsource it. Maybe that is something a sole proprietor or network marketer might not be in a position to afford. What many don’t realize is that the overnight success they envy could be due to months of 14 hour days at the computer, or the super star has a following, downline, or customers from another area in life, but some form of massive action probably happened first. That part isn’t in the public eye.


I know I’m certainly not a propeller head. I would look at the SEO wizards, huddled in their caves, making magic, while I was still trying to figure out how to move a picture on my blog, insert a video or an autoresponder. They seemed like freaks of nature to me. Thankfully, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and not all involve technology.                                                   


There are masters of email marketing, solo and banner ads, blogging and article writing, social media genies, and ways to automate processes.  

A suggestion I found helpful – find one strategy to learn well and a marketing expert to follow. 

We all have our strengths and challenges; find a method and a mentor that resonate with your passions and talents so you can FOCUS.


I lost a lot of time enthralled with that new shiny whatever- software, gizmo, program, guru, or launch, when I                                               should haenthralled babyve been laser focused, and pursuing one particular method with a vengeance.                  

 However, if you are new to online marketing, you do need to explore possibilities to figure out what, where, and how you will go after your market. I found the hours of training by top marketers, actually a library of years, in this program an enormous help. For less than $10 you can have access to all these experts and their trainings for 2 weeks. 

I also host FREE weekly training webinars every Wednesday at 9 PM EDT / 6 PM PDT with top online marketers you can learn from. Take advantage of these opportunities and grow your business faster. 

To your great success,

Catherine Allen

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