Empower Network Fights the Forces of Evil in San Diego

Tracey Walker is doing even better than what she talks about in the video below, as I just saw this weekend at the Empower Network Event in San Diego. In fact, this conference made me look at Empower Network in a new light. I had always seen the affiliate program and the huge presence and PR of the blog as a great way to generate leads for other primary businesses. After what I saw this weekend, I now believe it is a primary business on it’s own. Not only that, but the power line payout system generates more money for more people faster than anything else I have seen in the home business or MLM industry.

Over 90% of the 3,000 in attendance have made money from the program. Try that question with a raise of hands at any other home business meeting and the percentages would be reversed. That is why more and more heavy hitters are joining now. Big earners from top tier businesses, old school mlm, Internet marketing, and affiliate sales programs are piling in, because they see not only the success rate, but the ease of building a business structured this way. Haven’t you heard, more than once, that duplication is the key for others to have success along with you, and the skills required for Internet marketing are technically challenging and therefore not easy to duplicate? I was surprised to see that half of the MANY people on stage and/or making money had never done any Internet marketing before joining Empower Network. Now that they have added a product that will generate a $3000 commission, everyone’s earnings will double before Christmas.