Tracey Walker, Lawrence Tam, Rob Fore, Toby & Layla -They Did WHAT? NO!

They did WHAT?!!Tracey Walker, Lawrence Tam, Chuck Marshall, Toby and Layla Black, Simon Stepsys, Rob Fore, and

so many more I can’t even name them all, were were richly rewarded  for fighting the forces of evil!

These and many more were on stage in San Diego for the Empower Network's Fight the Forces of Evil 

event. These commission checks are only for the last 3 months! no


Unbelievable rewards:

Rob Fore at Empower Network eventSimon Stepsys with a big commission check

Lawrence Tam's Reward for Fighting the Forces of Evil  



David Sharpe and Catherine Allen fight the forces of evil in San DiegoTracey Walker & Nicole Cooper at Fight the forces of Evil in san DiegoChuck Marshall's Empower Network commission