I Joined Numis Network Because the Auto-Ship is Money!

And I joined because I had had it with my initial company. The products are great, and I love my upline but I couldn’t stand wandering around hunting prospects till all hours of the night anymore! I had modest success since statistically I was in the top 10% of the company, but that didn’t equate to much money. I knew there had to be a better way to leverage my time before I had 300 people in my downline. I started searching the Internet to find out how others were marketing in mlm. Some I didn’t trust, but I kept coming across a small group of marketers over and over again, whom I believed were really making money, and they sounded legitimate. Maybe you’ve also seen them: three cocky guys in a boat, a surfer dude, a guy who looked like Rip Van Winkle – if he weren’t married he would have scared me (but I did see a picture of him with Richard Branson), a Zen cutie who seemed to like hats, and a gazillionaire who made too much sense to ignore, even if he rarely smiled and didn’t talk much.

The fact that they were all guys, and under 30 didn’t worry me too much, because I had succeeded in the past in male dominated fields. I know I’m smart and ambitious, and will go after what I want, even if the odds aren’t promising. What did worry me was remembering all the times I had cried trying to learn something technical, like new computer programs. I don’t have an engineering gene in my body, but I can tell you where the center of a wall is within a 1/4 inch from across a room, because I am an artist. Well, math isn’t my strong suit either, yet I grew and ran the finances of a million dollar company, worked in mortgages, got licensed to sell investments, have done bookkeeping, along with learning QuickBooks Pro and excel spreadsheets.Besides a million dollars and a Masters degree aren’t worth that much anymore.

No matter what I felt or had to contend with, I knew that online is where all the action and money are and continue to go. If you get anxious about the learning curve for marketing online, I totally get that. I just decided I would learn it, ask for help, outsource when possible, and study all the My Lead System Pro trainings I had access to. Anything was better than mall stalking. People finding me online sounded like heaven on earth. Just remember, there is still work involved if you plan to be successful at anything in life.

I also know there are very few ways to make money without having a lot to start with, that offer the kind of leverage that network marketing has. Anyway, I figured I’d just learn whatever I needed to get leads online. After being on many webinars, reading others’ posts, and stumbling across MLSP, I decided I probably couldn’t use use all these strategies with the old school company model I came in with. I started searching and researching………..

I consciously started looking for who I wanted to work with, and chose this team and David Wood because I knew he had started with little money and not much computer marketing experience. I could see he was climbing the ranks rapidly and believed he would help me get a handle on all this funnel and capture form stuff. I don’t have any problems talking to people or making sales calls, but I really needed help with putting the technical aspects together. So hallelujah that you’ve put this new simplified start up plan in place, David. I think it will help a lot of people move ahead more quickly.

The “ground floor”, even though often touted, isn’t usually a good thing in network marketing because most of those companies fold. However, the owners of Numis Network had been in business together for years, and had designed the comp plans of many other mlm companies, which I thought was a great asset. After meeting them and listening to them I trusted their integrity and experience to make the money work for all of us. My previous company was a global powerhouse, and I was wondering if just the US and Canada would be a drawback in Numis. On the other hand, there are many more people online between America and Canada than there are in the malls I was trolling :))

Having been pummeled by the economic meltdown of the last few years, between the mortgage and financial industries, the fact that we are collecting and selling gold and silver coins makes so much sense to me. People will think twice before cancelling an auto ship of MONEY, especially in a form that is appreciating rather than depreciating. Even if you aren’t really building the business end of it, I bet you won’t open your garage door and say, “OMG, there’s too much gold and silver in here. I can’t stand it. I’m quitting and getting rid of all this stuff I can’t use and regret spending so much money! Let’s call Goodwill, honey”. Attrition is a fact of life in any business, just more so in network marketing. People stay on auto-ship longer and quit less-a really compelling fact about Numis Network.

Lastly, as an artist, I love the beauty, engraving, material, and heft of these perfectly minted coins. They are like little pieces of art that I would frame if they weren’t encased and sealed. Instead, I just go to my treasure chest and smile.

My ultimate goals and vision are to have time to paint and travel, to help my sons get financially launched in the world and any other family or friends I want, and to be able to duplicate and teach others to do the same before America totally crumbles. Have you really thought about what our lives would look like if the dollar stops being the world’s reserve currency? Besides, someone important told me we should be fruitful and multiply.

To Our Prosperity,

Catherine Allen

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