Can Anyone Afford NOT to Have a Home Based Business?

The middle class in America is shrinking, while India’s and China’s are growing by             leaps and  bounds. Pretty soon theirs will be so big that we will have to start importing everything we’re  trying to get cheaply manufactured from other undeveloped countries.  The dollar is worth almost  half of what it was just a few years ago. China is dumping dollars and buying gold, silver, and other  resources, things we are all running out of, and  things that hold their value compared to the paper  money we keep printing.

Meanwhile, we can’t even get out of debt. There are still many more foreclosures   coming, and the commercial market will swamp those. Yes, the stock market is recovering….but let me ask you   what  does your retirement portfolio look like? Does diversifying mean putting not only your wife to work,  but also your kids, and renting out a room?

Are you expecting Social Security and Medicare to make up the difference? And how many  companies provide pensions theses days? Whichever way the health care system goes, it will still be very expensive. Do you think taxes are going to go up or down with governing  entities screaming about insolvency and programs they can’t fund?

Social Security and Medicare were started when people retired at 65 and died before 70. Did you anticipate and plan for a 30 to 40 year retirement? Do you realize that living on $5000 a month now will equate to needing $16,200 a month in 30 years to achieve the same buying power, and to generate that much monthly at a safe 6% without depleting the principal will require a nest egg of $3,240,000?  OUCH.

WAKE UP people! The government is not going to save you.

There is a tectonic shift in the economy happening, and you don’t want to sell buggy whips if everyone is buying cars. Markets are global now, and the Internet has a lot to do with that. Change happens in the blink of an eye as new inventions and rapid obsolescence continues. Even Bill Gates said he was 18 months away from being irrelevant – maybe that’s down to 12 now.

The Internet has also opened up new opportunities in business, marketing, and market share, if you are positioned to take advantage of it. An income stream of $5000 a month from a side businesses is the equivalent of having a $1,000,000 nest egg earning 6% annually. A home based  business also provides enormous tax advantages.

You can keep trying to depend on raises at work that are a year behind increases in the cost of  living. You could start planting food in your backyard…..Or, you can fight for your future, as more   and more are every day. There are other choices………..

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